Press articles featuring Laura V. Page:

On customized training in Milwaukee.
On Customized Training
Personal Profile about Laura
Article w/ pictures - CAUTION - large file!

Articles / Materials on Leadership, Communication, Meetings...

Fostering Consensus
Article on consensus decision-making
and what to do when consensus fails

Fostering Consensus
Team Charters
The document teams should have
to help them be effective and efficient.

What's in a Team Charter ?
Leader Skills for Meetings
(Skills summary)

Leader Skills for Meetings
Some causes for lack of teamwork
(Summary list)

Causes for lack of teamwork
Interviewing Mistakes
List of mistakes commonly made by
those interviewing candidates for hire

Common Interviewing Mistakes
Getting Ready For Feedback
Article on how to give feedback.
Magazine article on giving feedback
Approaches to Managing Change

Six Change Approaches
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Article on work motivation.
Magazine article on Work Motivation
Emotional Intelligence
"The Hopping Habit:
Taming Our Impulse to Jump To Conclusions"

On Mental Habits and Assumptions
List of strategies for improving
Transfer of Training from classroom
to back on the job.
Transfer of Training Tactics