Keeping Your Cool !


Communications & Management Seminars  (Keynotes below)

Examples of seminars / workshops offered:

Problem-Solving & Conflict-Resolution Skills
Listening Skills, Advanced Listening Skills
Communicating Assertively in the Workplace
Giving Orders & Directions
Communication Styles including Male / Female
Creating an Open Communications Climate
Challenging Conversations
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE -- Keeping Your Cool When Your Temperature's Rising
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Advanced Emotional Intelligence

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning for Existing Businesses
Strategic Planning For Non-Profits
Group Techniques for Planning
Developing Your Mission / Vision Statements

Participatory Management - When and When Not
Facilitating Difficult Meetings / Group Decision-Making
Clear Thinking: Improving Discussion & Decision-Making
Logical Fallacies - Avoiding Fuzzy Thinking

Leadership / Teams
The Neuroscience of Great Leaders
Building Trust in the Workplace
Leadership Lessons from Ernest Shackleton - 100 Years Later
Team Building, Do-It-Yourself Team Building
Using "After Action Reviews" for Learning
Having Fun at Work Without Throwing Fish Around
Don't Let Your Brain Drive You Crazy; Resiliency Skills
Developing Team Emotional Intelligence

Management / Supervision
Employee Motivation
Performance Appraisal - Critique of Methods
Coaching and Effective Performance Feedback
People Skills for Supervisors
Making the Transition; From Scientist / Technician to Manager
Hiring The Right People for the Job
Interviewing Skills
New Employee Orientation

Dealing With Dilemmas of Organizational Ethics
Case Discussions in Business Ethics

Customer Relations
Extraordinary Customer Service; Going from Good to "Wow!"
Training Employees in Customer Service
Customer Service on Campus
Networking to Find New Customers
Applying Customer Service Concepts to Internal Customers
Dealing With Challenging Customers

Keynote Addresses and Speeches for meetings and conferences
Custom speeches gladly developed!

Example Keynotes:
Meaning, Magic and Misunderstanding
Communicating With Aliens from Another Planet (Or the Home Office)
Keeping Your Cool When Your Temperature's Rising
Professional Ethics Without the Sermon
Becoming a Self-Aware Leader
What's Style Got To Do With It; Bring Mars and Venus Back To Earth
Communication is Impossible...And That's No Excuse!
Facilitating Consensus; Not For The Faint of Heart
Leadership When the Going Gets REALLY Tough; An Example To Learn From