Keeping Your Cool !


Keeping Your Cool When Your Temperature's Rising !
Communication Skills for Challenging Conversations
  Session Outline and Objectives

General Purpose:

To give participants encouragement and new skills to deal effectively with difficult interpersonal conversations and relationships.

Basic Outline:
A) Introductions and overview.
B) Why misunderstanding is so normal, and what to do about it.
C) Emotional Intelligence -- Bringing intelligence to our emotions.
D) Self-awareness, hot buttons and defensiveness styles.
E) Multiple techniques for managing our reactions.
F) "High Leverage" communication skills that will help.
G) Review and "homework."

Learning Objectives:
1) Create a framework for better understanding the complex nature of interpersonal communication that will aid learning today and in the future.

2) Increase our self-awareness, of both our outward behaviors and our inward thoughts and feelings, so that we can communicate more effectively.

3) Explore multiple techniques for changing our habits of over reacting to the challenging behaviors of others and replacing these with learned responses.

4) Identify and practice specific communication skills that are particularly helpful in difficult conversations, including super-sensitive door openers, and expressing our emotions nonconfrontationally.

5) Have fun learning!

Copyright, 2003, Laura V. Page, Page Consulting
Photo by Laura V. Page
This is a fast paced and highly interactive communications seminar.
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